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6 Simple Steps to Improve your Skin Texture!

Did you know that rough and textured skin can be caused by different factors? It can be due to the weather, stress and also sun damage that takes away your complexion and makes it more vulnerable to roughness, wrinkles, acnes or age spots. 

But how should one take care of their skin to avoid this kind of scenario from happening? Of course, you can’t run away from ageing, but what you can do, is slowing down the process. 

Here are some steps that you can follow! 

P/S: The steps mentioned above are for both genders, men and women because we believe that everyone should take a good care of their skin! (No gender discrimination here)

Improve your diet 

Eating bright and colourful fruits and vegetables such as berries provide you tons of nutritional benefits to your body, especially your skin. 


Vitamin A, C and also Zinc play a vital role in repairing your skin and health. 

Good sleep 

You should not only get enough sleep but also get a good sleep at night. Stress can inflict disruption to your skin when you are not allowing your body to rest, hence your skin condition will go out of control. 


The main reason why you need to get enough good sleep is because when you sleep, that’s the time when your body starts to repair itself and recover from the daily stress.

Exercise regularly

If you have done the first and second step, you are half way through! By doing exercise regularly, it can help to induce more blood to be pumped through the vessels of the face and leading to more micronutrients and healing properties to your skin. 


Besides that, it can help to reduce inflammation, regulate skin-significant hormones and prevent free radical damage. 


You can start your exercise by doing the basic ones such as squats, push-ups or maybe yoga! 

Double cleansing & Exfoliate 

Get to know your skin type and understand what your skin needs. Find a perfect facial cleanser for your face and always double-cleanse your face. What is double-cleansing? It is actually a method of cleansing your face twice! 


Firstly, cleanse your face with an oil-based cleanser and follow with a water-based cleanser. The first step is to break down make-up, dirt, and excess oil on your face after a long day. While the second cleanser will address your particular skin type or concern and should have ingredients to hydrate, smooth or exfoliate and treat acne. 


However, exfoliation on the other hand is a process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. It can be done chemically and mechanically. 


You can find both exfoliators, chemical or physical at your nearest drug store depending on what’s best for your skin. 

Hydration for your body and skin

Moisturising your skin is very important regardless if you have dry or oily skin. It is important as moisturising can help to balance your skin’s sebum production, prevent from flaking or dry patches and replenish lost moisture. 


People with oily skin type might think that moisturising is the last thing to do. In fact, you should do the opposite! As the body’s largest organ, your skin needs moisturiser to mitigate the loss of hydration even if you have oily skin. 

And of course, we are not only talking about the hydration in the skin but from within as well. Drink enough water guys! 


This is what people always tend to forget about, your sunscreen! Just remember that sunscreen is the most important step in everyone’s skincare. By now you should make sunscreen your best friend. 


The UV radiation that comes from the sun can cause damage to your skin if it is exposed without any protection by the SPF. It is proven that sunscreen with SPF can decrease your risk of getting skin cancer and skin precancer and help to prevent premature skin ageing. 


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